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Marketing Mob’s Marketing Recruiters Can Help You Build A Marketing Dream Team
CMOs and executive marketing leaders recognize that a powerhouse marketing team will give their company the edge it needs to blow away their competition and drive results. But with an unemployment rate for skilled marketers trending toward zero, finding talented marketers can be a challenge. Especially for time-strapped marketing leaders who are already overworked and overloaded with more projects than there is time.

The importance of finding great talent cannot be overstated. Why is building a high performing marketing team so important?

  • Costly employee turnover is reduced when the right team members are in the right roles and when they’re engaged and valued.
  • Reducing turnover saves on hiring and training costs while minimizing team disruption and dissatisfaction.
  • A high-performing marketing team can bolster productivity and positively impact a company’s bottom line
  • Bottom line profitability increases when the right people are maximized in the right roles.


We’re More than Marketing Recruiters, We Are Marketers Too

Beyond being marketing recruiters, we’re also marketers ourselves and we’ve built and led marketing teams through exciting periods of tremendous growth. Therefore, we can help you:

  • Understand today’s marketing roles
  • Drive Business Growth With An Optimized Marketing Team
  • Structure a modern marketing team and identify and address roles and gaps on your current team
  • Devote more time to marketing projects and less time to hiring
  • Write job descriptions and develop videos to attract the best candidates for your available roles
  • By sourcing, screening and prequalifying candidates so that you only interview the best of the best
  • Schedule interviews and follow-ups
  • Conduct reference checks and provide you with detailed verbatim documentation of the reference call


3 Reasons Why Working with Marketing Mob Marketing Recruiters is Advantageous to Your Business

Speed to Hire.

Speed to hire is crucial to a successful marketing candidate search. Not only because you need this marketer now but also because great talent is in high demand. If the interview process drags on for 3-5 weeks, you may lose your best candidate – perhaps even to your competitor. We help you accelerate the hiring process by sending you a shortlist of vetted candidates quickly and keeping you and the marketer focused on moving through the hiring process swiftly.

Your Biggest Advocate.

The best and brightest marketers are in high-demand and you better believe that they will be doing their due diligence on you! The competition for attracting these shining stars is fierce, so selling your company and role to a candidate is critically important to the hiring process. Marketing Mob serves as your sales and marketing quarterback, promoting your company as a topnotch place to work to every potential candidate. We’re Always Recruiting. We are marketers and our marketing networks are vast. In addition to sourcing from our own networks, we are proactively and continuously recruiting and filling our pipelines full of great marketing talent. Specifically focusing on passive candidates who can be lured away for the right company and game-changing opportunity. We recruit before an opportunity is available so that when you’re ready to hire, we’re ready to send you candidates.

Handling Objections and Closing.

Marketing Mob proactively surfaces candidate objections. We handle these objections by addressing concerns, providing accurate information and connecting candidates with the resources and individuals that they need to feel comfortable making a decision. Once the candidate’s concerns are addressed, we will see you through the negotiation process, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship between marketer and employer.


Our Marketing Recruiters Hand Select Every Marketer

We conduct an extensive search to find you the best and brightest marketing experts for your open full-time positions. In doing so, we take a Collaborative, Adaptive and Transparent Approach.


Marketing Mob works with you to identify the gaps within your team, articulate your marketing hiring needs and zero in on the precise marketing position, persona and cultural fit that will fulfill those needs. Once we have a clear understanding of who you seek, we conduct an extensive, customized search to hand-select the best and brightest marketer to fit the position or project.


No search is ever the same. We provide marketers for projects of all shapes and sizes, including full-time roles. Additionally, every company and individual interviews candidates differently. Because of this variance, we adapt our search to meet your unique hiring process. We engage in ongoing feedback and work with you to adjust the search as needed along the way.


No BS here! Our goal is to foster a partnership of communication and trust. In order to do so, we embrace transparency by communicating clearly and directly with both the hiring managers and the marketers. This ensures alignment on all fronts, faster resolution of challenges encountered and better engagement. We’ll give you the good, bad and the ugly.


As Marketing Recruiters, We Can Help You Find Marketers by Marketing Role

  • Find a CMO
  • Find a VP of Marketing
  • Find a Marketing Manager
  • Find a Brand Marketer
  • Find a Graphic Designer
  • Find a Web Designer
  • Find a Digital Marketing Professional
  • Find a Marketing Automation Expert
  • Find a Marketing Operations Manager
  • Find a Content Marketer
  • Find a Copywriter
  • Find a Strategic Marketer
  • Find a Marketing Generalist
  • Find a Channel Marketing Manager
  • Find a Project Manager
  • Find a Product Manager
  • Find an Innovation and Insights Marketer
  • Find a Marketing Researcher
  • Find a Data and Analytics Marketer
  • Find a Public Relations Professional
  • Find a Communications Professional
  • Find an Omni-Channel Marketer
  • Find a Marketing Communications (MarComm) Professional
  • Find a Messaging Marketer
  • Find an Event Marketing Professional
  • Find a Product Marketing Manager
  • Find a Startup Marketer
  • Find a Content Marketer
  • Find a Social Media Marketer
  • Find a SEM / PPC Professional
  • Find a SEO Marketer
  • Find a Mobile Marketer
  • Find an Email Marketing Professional
  • Find a Customer Experience Marketer
  • Find a UI / UX Marketing Professional
  • Find an Agency Account Manager
  • Find a Marketing Technology Marketer


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Annelle most recently served as CEO of a B2B AI-powered AWS Advanced and ISV Accelerate Partner software company. Throughout her career, Annelle has been a driving force in marketing operations for various B2B technology firms, most notably serving as the CMO of a B2B technology holding company.

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