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It is our goal to connect the marketing community with valuable content and marketing videos to help marketers:

  • Refine their marketing skills and expand their knowledge
  • Drive growth and success for their employer companies with better marketing programs
  • Cultivate careers and create a stronger community of marketers

Marketing Mob Talks – October Edition Complete Recording

Marketing Mob Talks is a monthly Webinar series featuring (3) 15-minute snippets of educational marketing content. October Edition: Being Strategic in a Month-to-Month, Quarter-to-Quarter World, Digital Marketing Ecosystem and Is Your Employer Brand Helping You Attract & Retain the Best Talent?

Being Strategic in a Month-to-Month, Quarter-to-Quarter World

In today’s marketing landscape, consumers and executives expect immediate action—whether it’s strategic or not. Moira Vetter of Modo Modo Agency discusses the differences between companies reacting with campaigns for immediate clicks and those moving quickly to test strategies in market.


Is Your Employer Brand Helping You Attract & Retain the Best Talent?

Stephanie Roppolo of BrightBlue has helped many F500 companies build their employer brand, resulting in improved talent acquisition, stronger employee engagement and retention—saving companies millions in productivity. She walks through best practices so top-notch talent will want to work for you!

Digital Marketing Ecosystem

With so many tools and platforms, it’s hard to decide how to use technology to drive your digital marketing strategy. Patrick Blanchard of Fullview Marketing discusses the digital marketing ecosystem with several examples of how to integrate paid, SEO, CRM, and social.


4 Quick Tips for Selecting and Managing a Virtual Team of Freelancers

Almost every marketing team uses freelance marketers to supplement their internal team. While this is a great way to scale work capacity up or down, there are some complexities that come with selecting and managing a virtual team of marketing freelancers. One of our marketing videos is here to help.

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