Go Mobile or Go Home

Nothing is more aggravating than when I am trying to look something up or engage with a brand on my iPhone or tablet and the site isn’t optimized for mobile devices. It makes reaching my immediate goal much more cumbersome and honestly, I’m likely to just move on rather than waste my time struggling through the experience. It’s not like I am doing major ground breaking research on my mobile phone, usually I just want to find a place to eat, read a review, or price compare before I make a purchSmartphones and mobile applicationsase. Why are there still brands and businesses that think it is okay for their sites to not be optimized for mobile?!

Recent research found that around 90% of all American Adults (age 18 and older) own a mobile phone, and that 58% of all American adults own a smartphone. So that means that nearly 2/3 of all adult cell phone users are using a smartphone. Furthermore, over 30% of adults are ‘mobile only’ meaning they have no other computer or phone. Finally, research states that it is expected that most adults will average nearly 3 hours a day consuming content on their mobile phone. So why in the world would any brand want to miss out on that huge opportunity to market their goods and services?

There are numerous ways to engage in mobile marketing without breaking the bank. First however, specific goals need to be articulated and current customer behavior needs to be analyzed. Do you want to increase brand awareness, drive more site traffic, bring more customers into your store, or do you want to actually complete conversions on mobile devices. Once your goals are outlined you can decide where best to invest. Here are some tips and ideas of where to start:

  • Utilize Responsive Website Design
  • Create Mobile Specific Landing Pages
  • Engage Customers on Social Media
  • Email Coupons and Offers Redeemable Only with Mobile Devices
  • Generate Text Message Campaigns
  • Develop an App

Recently I wrote about the Millennial generation and referenced research and a fantastic infographic by CEB. The general consensus is that brands need to do a better job of targeting this generation and catering to the Millennial’s ‘new’ way of doing things and the #1 way to accomplish this is to engage in better mobile marketing! In reality though, all generations are engaging more via mobile so all brands need to make that move as well. If you need some help or advice Marketing Mob has mobile marketing consultants available to help assess your business needs, outline your goals, develop your mobile strategy and even execute the plans. We are happy to help with any and all stages of your mobile campaign.

Do you need help creating and executing your mobile strategy? Contact Us Now, we have mobile marketers ready to take on your project today.

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