Whether it be content writers, graphic and web designers, developers or any mix of marketing talent, almost every marketing team uses freelance marketers to supplement their internal team. While this is a great way to scale work capacity up or down, there are some complexities that come with selecting and managing a virtual team of marketing freelancers.

In this video, we’ll cover 4 tips for selecting and then managing a virtual team of marketing freelancers


Text version of the video follows:


Tip #1: Hire experts with a seasoned background of success

As I’m sure you know, it is important to match the freelancer’s skills and experience to the requirements of the project. But it is also important to consider their experience as a freelancer.

When hiring freelancers, I typically look for freelancers with longevity. If they are new to freelancing, they likely haven’t established good time estimating and recording capabilities or efficiency models. They only learn this with time and experience.

I also look for individuals who have made a decision to freelance for a living. With some exceptions, I shy away from freelancers who are moonlighting or are on the hunt for their next full-time job. It takes time and investment to find good freelancers and even harder to find ones who will be available when you need them, whether that be today or a year from now.


Tip #2: Resist the urge to go with the least expensive option

Ever heard the phrase, “You get what you pay for”? This is often the case with freelance workers. Keep in mind that you’re typically paying these individuals hourly so there is often more productivity for your invested dollar than with full-time employees. Also, you are not contributing to their benefits so you should expect them to be paid accordingly. It’s not necessary to pay for the highest priced freelancer that’s out there but don’t skimp on your freelance talent either. Hire professionals who are experts in their field and reliable in their communication. It will save you time and opportunity cost in the long run. And you’ll be a lot less frustrated.


Tip #3: Implement and integrate them into your existing toolset

If you’re going to be regularly working with these marketing freelancers, it makes sense to integrate them into your existing tools. Provide them with an email address, that way, all communication is not lost should they roll off of your project.

Secondly, consider integrating them into your project management tool. Whether you’re using Basecamp, Slack, Trello or a full-blown Gantt, it will benefit you to set your freelancers up on the platform. That way, you can track time and hours and have access to the work that’s been completed.


Tip # 4: Have regularly scheduled status meetings and consistent communication

If you can do these meetings in person, even better. But at a minimum, it is wise to have regularly and consistently scheduled calls. Depending on the project, these could be a 15 minute check-in calls everyday or a 30 minute update once a week. Whatever you decided, I’d recommend having them on a fixed schedule, such as every Tuesday at 2:00. This is particularly helpful and important if there are multiple freelancers and internal team members working collaboratively on the same project.

Finally, if you need help finding great marketing freelancers, let us know.

Happy outsourcing!

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