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A marketing manager is a key role in the tactical implementation and execution of your marketing programs. They are not quite to the level of leading a team but they have earned some level of autonomy and self-reliance. The person that you’re seeking is typically a rising star. They have the drive and core competencies to be a superstar marketing leader in the future but they’ve not yet gained the experience they need to take on a Marketing Director or VP of Marketing position.

In order to help you find a great Marketing Manager, our team of talented marketing manager marketing recruiters has assembled the following job description to help you understand the type of individual you are seeking.


Marketing Manager Job Description Example

Generally, a marketing manager is a mid-level marketing position with some degree of supervisory and / or self-managed responsibilities. While they are not typically involved in strategic business endeavors, they often manage the day-to-day marketing activities of the organization. And, in some roles, work with C-level executives and marketing directors to develop long-term marketing strategy initiatives. This individual will be a doer and a thinker with the ability to handle multiple tasks.

The marketing manager will have some level of responsibility for developing, executing, measuring and improving all aspects of marketing services, including plan development, content creation, email marketing, events, demand generation campaigns and general marketing tactics. Additionally, this individual will be creative, possess excellent writing skills and have the ability to direct creative agencies.

General Responsibilities

  • Create and execute marketing programs to support company objectives and goals.
  • Manage day-to-day responsibilities of marketing execution, from hands-on activities to coordinating with agencies and freelancers for execution, holding them accountable for contractual deliverables.
  • Collaborate with marketing leaders, executive team and other stakeholders on coordinating monthly, quarterly and annual programs to drive business for corporate and local markets.
  • Align marketing tactics to sales activities and goals.
  • Measures, tracks, and reports marketing results and adjust tactics to continually improve marketing performance.
  • Gets to know the company’s target customer and build out personas.
  • Works with stakeholders and customer advocates creating high-level messaging and talking points that resonate with customer personas.
  • Develops ongoing content calendar and creates applicable content and / or oversees internal and external resources to create content.
  • Participates in or coordinates public relations, activities or events and act as a brand ambassador when in attendance.
  • Maintains effective internal communications to ensure all stakeholders are informed and that communication is consistent.



  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, Communications, or other related fields
  • 5-7 years marketing experience
  • Ideal candidate will have demonstrated experience performing or managing outsourced partners
  • Ability to identify, conceptualize and prioritize what marketing initiatives will generate the most impact while taking into consideration resource and cost allocation
  • Strong analytical and project management skills
  • Confident and dynamic personality
  • Strong creative perspective
  • Have the ability to handle multiple markets simultaneously
  • Experience with a Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) is usually a plus.

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