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We all know what a PDF (portable document format) is and we know how and why they are generally used. But did you know that a PDF can be so much more than a document with static words and pictures and maybe a few fields for signatures? Did you know that you have the ability to dazzle your customers with multimedia PDFs that are interactive and engaging?hand holds touch screen mobile phone streaming images

Interactive PDFs (sometimes called Dynamic, Multimedia or Rich Media PDFs) are exactly what they sound like: PDF documents and presentations containing multimedia elements that your viewers can interact with on demand. Now you can show customers your product or service in a whole new way! Rather than a static picture in your PDF, bring it to life with video, sounds, 3-dimentional product views, interactive maps and much more.

Why they are awesome:
If a picture is worth a thousand words, than a multimedia PDF must be worth a thousand pictures, or something like that. Multimedia PDF’s are an awesome marketing tool that so many businesses are missing out on and here’s why that is so unfortunate:

  1. They allow static image and text within a PDF to come to life and provide a better experience for the PDF recipient.
  2. The can improve your communication with customers and increase buzz around your brand by teaching, engaging, or entertaining your audience.
  3.  They are an easy way to extend your reach: almost everyone with a computer has Adobe Reader (which is FREE).
  4. They can be used with websites, blogs, e-mails, e-newletters, e-books…

How you could use them:
Whether you sell goods or services, multimedia PDF’s can benefit you. Here are just a few suggestions:

  1. Provide enhanced three-dimensional views that are entirely interactive, allowing your customers to adjust product colors and feature sets within your PDFs
  2. Include audio or video tutorials and trainings
  3. Give sneak previews of upcoming events or productsPDF Credit: pdfPictures- Provide product and service demonstrations
  4. Engage viewers with polls and surveys
  5. Display data in interactive maps and animated charts and graphs
Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 5.31.11 PM

PDF Credit: pdfPictures

Need Evidence?
Here is an interactive PDF developed by the city of Mississauga Advantages on the advantages of doing business there. The creator used animated charts, imbedded video, and an interactive map to engage the recipients. This PDF was likely sent out to businesses that may be interested in relocating their headquarters to Mississauga.PDF Credit: pdfPictures

Once you start including multimedia PDF’s in your marketing toolbox, you will find limitless uses for them. And, if you just aren’t sure how to get started, Marketing Mob is happy to help. We have the experts you need to turn your marketing ideas into amazing multimedia PDF’s your customers will love.

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