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What is UX exactly?

Building any brand is all about great user experience.
Before the dawn of the digital age, user experience was about people’s feeling and reactions to marketing campaigns, in-store interactions and actual use of the product or service. All of that still matters, but the online world has increased the importance and necessity of a great user experience. People want to enjoy their encounters with a brand online as much as in the store. They want to feel empowered, entertained and satisfied.

Why is UX important?
The constant access and connectivity that comes with the digital space has greatly reduced switching costs for consumers. If a consumer has a bad experience with a company or even if the experience isn’t bad yet it just doesn’t leave them wanting more, they will move on and engage with others brands. Therefore businesses must be on top of their game to ensure that consumers have a pleasant experience at every point of engagement. If digital content is antiquated, uninteresting, ineffective or just difficult to use, consumers will be left unfulfilled. They will choose to seek out brands that leave them with a better experience and positive emotions.

So what does a UX professional do?
Lot’s of things! A typical day can include user research, interaction design, information architecture, content creation and much more. UX professionals are experts at getting into the minds of your target customers and putting their wants into marketing action. The addition of a UX professional to your marketing team should not necessarily be a new wrench in your system, rather they should be able to support and boost your marketing team’s efforts by giving them valuable insight into how your consumers are viewing your brand and what could improve the experience on your website, with your customer service, and even with your traditional marketing campaigns.

Who will benefit?
Any and every business that deals with people and relies on them to remain in business would benefit from a UX professional. So pretty much everyone! No matter what your industry, and whether you are a B2B company or a B2C company, your customers are still people and are still influenced by feelings and emotions.

What are the benefits?
First and foremost the biggest benefit is an increase in conversions. The more positive experience people have with your brand, the more conversions and higher sales you will see. People want to do (repeat) business with brands that are effortless and enjoyable to work with. This creates brand loyalty. If they are getting what they want and need from your company, there is no need to look for it elsewhere. Brand loyalty then helps build awareness and buzz for your brand as people love to recommend, like, and share their experiences with others on social media. New customers are more likely to at least check out your brand if there are others they know that have engaged with it and love it.

So what now?
If you know you need a User Experience professional and aren’t sure where to start, Marketing Mob can help assess your business’s unique needs and match you with a qualified UX professional.

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