About Marketing Mob – Marketing Recruiters and Staffing

The Fastest Path to the Best and Brightest Marketing Talent

Marketing Mob is a marketing recruiting and staffing firm that enables CMOs and their teams to streamline and expedite the hiring of qualified marketing experts who meet the needs of their organization.

Because we are seasoned marketers recruiting marketers, we offer advanced screening capabilities ensuring that candidates we send truly match the requirements of the position. This eliminates wasted time screening and interviewing candidates who don’t match job requirements.

Marketing Mob offers flexible pricing solutions to meet the unique needs of your organization. Industry standards request 100% payment on hire date. While we offer this same pricing structure, we also offer a more flexible pricing model that allows you to break the recruiting fee out into 12 equal monthly installments. This minimizes your risk as well as allows the payment to come out of cash flow rather than a one time expense.

We offer the fastest path to the best and brightest marketing talent in the industry. If you’re looking for significant return on your hiring investment, choose Marketing Mob as your marketing recruiting and staffing partner.

We offer the following talent recruitment services:

+ Full-time recruitment services

+ Interim and flexible contractor staffing solutions

+ Project-based marketing consulting

+ On demand freelancers to support the gig economy

If you’re ready to get started with hiring extraordinary marketing talent, reach out to us today!

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