Because of the nature of my company, Marketing Mob, I am constantly seeking qualified talent for a variety of marketing projects, contracting and consulting opportunities, and permanent positions. As you might imagine, this means that I am regularly reviewing resumes and cover letters and combing LinkedIn and various other Websites for prospective talent.

I see it all. Sometimes, I’m highly entertained and sometimes, I’m frankly annoyed by people wasting my time (and theirs) with lame attempts at applying for jobs for which they have no business applying.

Here are 5 ways to ensure you won’t get hired.

1. OMG . . . Like, all of your social profile photos should be your favorite party pic selfies, right? Totes!

TIP: Almost every recruiter and hiring manager has some sort of technology app that allows them to organize and search through candidates who apply for open positions. Most of said apps have some form of social integration that pulls profile information and photos from your social media accounts. While not all photos are accessible, your profile photo almost always is. So, the individual who applied last week with a photo of herself sleeping probably won’t get the job (see comment about lazy below).

2. Electrical engineering sounds just like marketing, I think I’ll apply!

Being an electrical contractor in no way qualifies you to be a marketing director. Nor does being an administrative assistant, an accountant, a photographer or a retail cashier. I understand and empathize with wanting to improve or change your career but you can’t instantly go from an accountant to a marketing director. It just won’t happen.

TIP: Read the job description carefully and only apply for things that make sense with where you are today. If you want a career change, take logical steps to move towards your objective.

3. Absolutely do not have a LinkedIn Profile.

Recruiters and hiring managers hate LinkedIn! And if you do, make sure your privacy settings are so locked down that aforementioned individuals can never find you.

TIP: LinkedIn is the most widely used recruiting tool. Recruiters and hiring managers spend a good portion of their day on LinkedIn looking for people to hire. If your background information is not open to the public for them to see, guess what…they won’t find you! If they find you and your work experience is not current and thorough, they will skip right over you. Lastly, if your contact information is not available, they’ll move on to the next qualified candidate that they can easily contact.

4. Don’t submit a resume . . . just send your LinkedIn profile.

While we love LinkedIn, we DON’T want you to just send us your LinkedIn profile. I know the world has gotten lazy with the ease of the Internet but hiring managers don’t like lazy, which is exactly what only sending your LinkedIn profile portrays.

I remember printing 100 copies of my resume on linen paper and stuffing them into manila envelopes and actually licking the multiple stamps they required to mail. Oh, and the printed labels. I know, sounds like your grandfather who walked 10 miles to school everyday, barefoot…in the snow. My point is this, these days, all it requires is a click of a button to send a resume. Send it!

5. Put the wrong position and/or company in your cover letter or address it to the wrong person.

TIP: I really hope this one is self-explanatory.

There are many more but I’ll stop here. Bottom line, if you really want the job, show the recruiter or the hiring manager that you’re the best person for the job.

Of course you should never misrepresent yourself on your resume but align your past experience with the requirements of the position. Communicate professionally, pay attention to details, only apply if you’re qualified and, if you aren’t qualified, at least include in your cover letter how your previous experience does indeed relate to this new opportunity.

I’d love to hear your comments and/or crazy stories about people seeking employment with your company.

Best of luck to those seeking a career they are passionate about everyday.

Marketing Mob is a marketing recruiting and staffing firm that enables CMOs and their teams to streamline and expedite the hiring of qualified marketing experts who meet the needs of their organization.

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