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Because of the advent of marketing technologies that enable companies to effectively reach their target audience, track results and justify spend on marketing efforts, marketing now has a seat at the table. Gone are the days when marketing professionals were the last ones hired and the first ones to be let go. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Marketing hiring is booming and the supply of talented marketing experts does not support the demand. In fact, with a 2.8% Marketing Manager unemployment rate* and an unemployment rate for marketers with the right mix of skills trending towards zero, a it difficult to find top marketers.

With unemployment rates for qualified marketers trending towards zero, how will you find your next great marketer?

If you are not ready to engage marketing recruiters or marketing temp agencies to conduct your search, there are a variety of ways to find these marketing experts. Let me first say that none of these methods are silver bullets. Just like most things in life and business, it is often necessary to use a combination of these tactics to find top marketers.

Here are 5 Secret Ways to Find Top Marketers

1. LinkedIn Advanced Search

As I’m sure you might know, LinkedIn is a powerful resource to find a top marketer in your space who is passively looking for a career change. In case you are unaware, LinkedIn offers an advanced search capability that you can utilize to narrow down the field of marketing experts. Use this tool to find marketing candidates who match your industry, have the correct number of years of experience, have the same title that you’re seeking as well as many other ways to slice and dice your search options. Once you have a list of targeted marketing individuals, recruit them by sending InMails or emails, placing phone calls (if they have this information listed in their contact information), and by asking common connections you share on LinkedIn to make introductions.

2. Indeed Resume Search

As you probably know, Indeed offers the ability to pay-to-post jobs on the Indeed network to attract active marketing candidates. But, are you aware that you can also conduct a resume search on Indeed? It’s true! Indeed offers similar advanced search functionality as LinkedIn but you are searching through resumes that candidates have uploaded into the Indeed system. This is a great way to find marketing experts who are actively looking for a new role but not the best tool to find passive candidates who are often the best individuals to recruit. Once you find a great resume, you can reach out to them through Indeed. They offer a small number of contacts for free but then charge $1 per connection once the maximum is reached.

3. Find Top Marketers with Marketing Ladders Resume Search

Marketing Ladders allows you to post marketing jobs for free. Yep, that’s right…zero dollars, zilch! It’s definitely not a one trick pony; magical marketing candidates will not fall out of the sky but it is a good tool to keep in your tool belt. You can also set-up alerts to send new candidates directly to your email inbox. And, similar to Indeed, Marketing Ladders allows you to search active candidate’s resumes. With marketing Ladders, the candidate actually pays for the membership so you are more assured that they are actively looking for a job.

4. Find Top Marketers in Marketing Organizations and By Networking

A great place to find a top marketer is through marketing organizations and networking. There are national, international and local organizations where you can attend social and educational events to network and recruit marketing experts. Some of these organizations include, AMA – American Marketing Association, BMA – Business Marketing Association, PRSA – Public Relations Society of America, and ANA – Association of National Advertisers to name a few. The marketing automation platform and marketing technology companies also have user group meetings and educational events that attract a large number of marketing experts.

In Atlanta, we have a great organization called AIMA – Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association that attracts top marketers on the cutting edge of marketing innovation. This would be a great local organization to join. Every city has great local groups. Conduct research to find relevant organizations in your area. We also have numerous marketing technology companies, including Terminus, who puts on a Flip My Funnel conference and other supporting events throughout the year.

5. Find Top Marketers Through Referrals

Referrals are one of the best ways to find a top marketer. Enlist the help of your colleagues and friends to help you find a marketing employee. Consider sending out an email to your database to see if your network knows anyone who might be a fit. Be sure to include the job description to help weed out referrals that do not fit the candidate you seek. Also, I’ve seen referral bonuses effectively used both in monetary payouts (i.e., $500 to the person who refers the selected candidate) or in charitable contributions (i.e., $500 to a charity chosen by the person who refers the selected candidate). You never know who in your network knows a great marketer.

The best and brightest marketing talent is in very high demand. If all else fails, marketing recruiters and marketing temp agencies are experienced at conducting searches and are able to find top marketers who match your needs. We can take this search off your hands.

Marketing Mob is a marketing recruiting and staffing firm that enables CMOs and their teams to streamline and expedite the hiring of qualified marketing experts who meet the needs of their organization.

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