1By Marketing Pro: Jessica

Does your agency need to hire an external marketing consultant? Agencies depend heavily on their immediate staff to fulfill the needs of their client base, but because of the vast industries and nuances an agency must serve, many projects call for a specific talent. Here are a few reasons why agencies benefit from hiring consultants.

A critical need comes up that exceeds in-house resources.
I’ve worked on many marketing and communication projects that focused on healthcare benefits and insurance. The most critical time for my clients would be during annual open enrollment. Getting critical benefit information out during the busiest time of the year; warranted outside help. By hiring an external consultant, clients are able to better nurture and train their regular staff and get them back to a regular workload during a busy season.

Having an outside assessment of a marketing project is often times the perfect prescription for ‘group think’. A good consultant can come in with a new perspective, do the work, and end a project without disruption. Companies often find their most creative ideas come out of a consultant and agency engagement. An outside view helps to keep services fresh and innovative.You have someone on the outside taking a good look inside.

The agency becomes a customer rather than an employer.staff-reinforcementAnd remember…the customer is always right! A client and consultant relationship has great benefits for the client/agency. Consultants are often motivated to perform above and beyond for their clients in exchanged for continued work, and business referrals. Consultants are well-aware that an unsatisfied client equates to less income and reputable damage.

Agencies save money by hiring external consultants.
Consultants often earn more per hour than regular full-time employees. However, there are significant cost savings in bringing in an expert. The agency gets to hone in on the projects needs and assign tasks accordingly. Because of this, contractors can work on a clear project schedule, get the work done, and depart until the next need arises. Money is saved on employee benefits, taxes, recruitment fees and worker’s comp. Also, the agency is only paying for services provided –and not the down time.

Overall, the job of the marketing consultant is to bring to the table added years of experience and fresh ideas while staying on course with business goals and initiatives. A marketing consultant will partner with you to help accomplish business goals on time, within budget, and make it all look effortless.

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