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I left a corporate job to fulfill a dream of mine…to travel. Knowing I would need funds to live, I had put the wheels in motion to start consulting when I returned.

My first role was in place before I left. I had a good relationship with a local digital marketing firm and we agreed that I would provide business development services on behalf of their agency. The role would have three goals: learn, make money and develop a new business pipeline for a company.

This role would ultimately help me get more educated about an area – digital technology – that I wanted to be more proficient in. I couldn’t sell something if I didn’t understand it and so I learned.

This role started as commission only, so I wasn’t pulling in a lot of money at the start, but that wasn’t the point. I brought in new clients and ultimately, was offered a monthly rate once I proved myself. And, I actively helped grow the agency’s new business pipeline and increased revenue.

Three goals accomplished. Sometimes you have to take a step back to gain something in the long term.

While I was consulting for the agency, I was organically building my consulting business. If I came across an article about an interesting company, I’d reach out to the key contacts and introduce myself.

We would meet and speak about their business needs and my background, and before I knew it I had a project, and another project and another. Many of these companies were small and hadn’t yet invested in marketing, and so there I was, ready to take on projects.

Working independently has afforded me the opportunity to increase my skillset, while also positively impacting my clients’ business. I consider myself someone who gets things done.

I utilize my existing knowledge and resources while finding creative solutions for my clients’ challenges and goals in each of their industries. I consistently am asked to find creative solutions and I consistently deliver.

Right now I am doing a variety of interesting work for a diverse client roster and I’m really enjoying it.

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