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1. Free

We all know nothing comes for free, but independent marketers give clients the freedom they are looking for when it comes to cost. Hiring an independent marketer that perfectly fits project requirements is more advantageous than having a permanent employee who spends 100% of their time at 100% salary for a project that should take 10% of their time.  Independent marketers give companies the luxury of outsourcing at a lower cost than having the project completed in house.

2. Low Overhead

Independent marketers provide companies with the opportunity to minimize their overhead expenses while benefiting from short-term and long-term project flexibility.

3. Mobility

Working anywhere and anytime is a great advantage for both independent marketers and companies.  Given the mobile age we live in now, there is always WiFi, laptops, smart phones and iPads offering total connectivity to and from the client.  The beauty is that, with a long-term project agreement, costs associated with a physical office, brick and mortar buildings, or office space can be greatly reduced.

4. Flexibility

Gone are the days of 9 to 5, even in the banking world.  Working independently provides the flexibility to meet the client’s needs and desires at any given moment.

5. Time

Given that the average daily commute into an office adds up to about 1 hour out of your day, the saying, “Time Is Money”, couldn’t be more true. Working independently allows you to spend that hour being more productive or relaxing on your own time, instead of sitting in traffic.

6. Motivation

Independent marketers have the drive and motivation to perform at their best and in the best interest of the clients they’re working with. If not, companies will not work with them on another project in the future.

7. Diversity

Independent marketers tend to have a broader spectrum of creative ideas, goals, objectives, and tactics to help contribute to the bottom line of business. Their knowledge of more than one discipline, industry or company, greatly benefits the client.

8. Focused Attention

Independent marketers typically devote more time and attention to establishing relationships, defining scope and ensuring objectives are met.

9. Productivity

Since independent marketers typically don’t work in an office environment or in an office next to the coffee break room, they tend to be more productive with their time.  They don’t get hijacked by Jane in the morning or Tom in the afternoon to participate in idle chatter about the weather outside or what they are planning for their summer holiday.

10. Growth

Independent marketers grow with every aspect of their day, and doing a great job for a client can lead to growing the business further.  As an independent marketer, your personal and professional growth is evident by the work you produce, you feel a greater sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

11. Better Work

Independent marketers are not stagnant. They’re motivated to perform at their best and care how the finished project benefits their clients.  In the end, it is a reflection on the independent marketer.

12. Dress Code

An added bonus is the savings on professional business suits, and being able to wear shorts while you work.  When you are more comfortable, you feel better, and get more done.

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