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Why You Might Need An Interim Marketing Consultant

There are many reasons why utilizing interim and project-based professionals are advantageous to your business. First and foremost, it allows you to meet short-term challenges without investing in a full-time, permanent employee. It’s efficient, effective, less expensive and flexible.

Tough Economic Times - Efficiency


The days of uncertain economic times have created unique challenges for many businesses. While marketing is required to ensure long-term revenue growth, it is often the first function to be cut from an increasingly tightened budget. While cutting marketing may seemingly be the best short-term solution, eliminating marketing altogether can be detrimental to long-term success.

Marketing Mob offers you a way to keep your marketing program running while lowering costs and reducing stress associated with facing potential layoffs.

Startup organization - A Growing Business


If you know marketing is imperative to grow your business but you don’t have enough budget allocated to hire a fulltime team, interim or project-based marketing consultants are a perfect fit for you. Marketing Mob will research, qualify and place an individual that perfectly matches the needs of your project at a fraction of the cost of hiring a permanent marketing team. Marketing Mob allows you to get your business off the ground without breaking the bank.

flexibility & expertise - Marketing On Demand


Utilizing Marketing Mob consultants offers you the flexibility of increasing your staff based on circumstance. It allows you to bring in extra marketing expertise for filling gaps in between employee hirings, contract-to-hire scenarios where you’d like to determine the fit of an individual before committing to a permanent engagement, fulfilling the requirements of seasonal peaks or bringing in experts to manage one-time events. It also enables you to take advantage of subject matter experts to fulfill a specific need on a short-term basis, instead of hiring them as permanent employees.

Examples of When You Might Need A Marketing Mob Consultant

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